Occupational Therapist (OTD)


Occupational therapists (OTs) are licensed health professionals that help people participate in their everyday activities and occupations. They work in businesses, community-based programs, hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centers, and in the home. 

Suggested Major*:

Biology, Health and Human Performance, and/or Psychology

*Note: no particular major is required for this program. Recommendation is based on major courses in common with program requirements.

Required Courses**:

  • Natural sciences (10 semester hours), must include: Anatomy & Physiology with lab, recommended: Kinesiology or Biomechanics
    • Recommended RMC courses: BIO120, BIO312, BIO321/322, HHP321
  • Social Sciences (9 semester hours), must include: General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Science Elective (outside of psychology)
    • Recommended RMC courses: SOC101, SOC225, PSY101, PSY205/206, PSY305
  • Writing (3 semester hours)
    • Recommended RMC courses: ENG119/120
  • Statistics (2 semester hours)
    • Recommended RMC courses: MAT210
  • Humanities (6 semester hours)
    • Any RMC courses from the following areas: literature, religion, history, philosophy, ethics, art, music or theater
  • Medical terminology
    • Recommended RMC courses: PHA247

**Note: course requirements differ slightly by institution (pay particular attention to math and organic chemistry requirements). Be sure to check the requirements of the schools you are interested in applying to.

Additional requirements:

  • Completed Bachelor’s degree
  • Shadowing or volunteer work in multiple areas, including rehabilitation, mental health and public schools
  • Letters of reference (one from a healthcare provider, preferably an OT)
  • GRE
  • Personal statement
  • No grade below a “C” in prerequisite courses
  • GPA above a 3.0
  • Recommended courses: Physics

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