Veterinary physicians (DVMs) are professionals that treat disease, disorders and injuries in animals. DVMs can acquire various specialties, including internal medicine, emergency and critical care, behavior, etc.

Suggested Major*:

Biology, Chemistry, or Equine Science with a Pre-Vet Concentration

*Note: no particular major is required for this program. Recommendation is based on major courses in common with program requirements.

Required Courses**:

  • Biology with a lab (8 credits)
    • Recommended RMC courses: BIO120, BIO203, BIO312
  • Inorganic chemistry with a lab (8 credits)
    • Recommended RMC courses: CHEM101/102
  • Organic chemistry with a lab (4 credits)
    • Recommended RMC courses: CHEM251/252 OR CHEM220
  • Genetics (3-4 credits)
    • Recommended RMC courses: BIO203
  • Biochemistry (3 credits)
    • Recommended RMC courses: BIO425
  • Physics with a lab (4 credits)
    • Recommended RMC courses: PHS101/102 OR PHS201/202
  • Algebra, pre-calculus, or higher (3 credits); many require Statistics
    • Recommended RMC courses: MAT100, MAT110, MAT210, MAT175/176
  • English composition/communications (6 credits)
    • Recommended RMC courses: ENG119/120, COM102
  • Arts & humanities/social science/history (21 credits)
    • Various RMC courses apply

**Note: course requirements differ slightly by institution (pay particular attention to math and organic chemistry requirements). Be sure to check the requirements of the schools you are interested in applying to.

Additional requirements:

  • Completed Bachelor’s degree
  • GRE
  • Recommended courses: Anatomy & Physiology, Embryology, Microbiology, Immunology, Computer Science, Animal Science courses, including Nutrition.
  • Prerequisite courses must be completed with a “C-“ or better.
  • Letters of Recommendation (at least one from a DVM)
  • Application materials: for help with the application process, consider enrolling in the Medical Careers Pipeline of courses and contacting Lisa Wallace ( our Director of Career Services. 

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