"Rocky's PA program is a small town college with a lot of opportunities. The faculty have multiple years of experience in a variety of specialties, so they are able to offer great personal experiences and real life scenarios. In the clinical year, they give you the best opportunity to learn in different environments by offering a range of locations for rotations from small town Belgrade or Miles City to the big city of Chicago."

-Erin LaFavor, MPAS Class of 2011

"My Rocky Mountain College Physician Assistant education provided me with the skill set and competency to join the medical workforce with a high level of confidence.  In the ever changing field of health care, it is paramount that physician assistants have not only a solid knowledge base, but also a firm understanding of the resources available to them. All too often, providers put patients at risk or compromise quality of care by refusing to solicit the help of others. Those who “don’t know what they don’t know” are frequently plagued with a myriad of complications and poor outcomes.  

The Rocky Mountain College PA program is dedicated to providing students with the knowledge needed to give quality care by tapping into the vast resources available to them. In order to do so, students learn “the language” of health care and become well versed in the art of health care communication. The faculty constantly challenges students, pushing them to learn and question information while acting in the face of adversity.  

I am currently a physician assistant in the field of orthopedics, where multiple specialties and sub-specialties are constantly collaborating in order to improve patient outcomes. If I have any issue, I have no problem picking up the phone and getting a second opinion. As a student, I learned how to ask appropriate and insightful questions aimed at obtaining meaningful information. I find this useful when dealing with internal medicine, primary care, hospitalist, and infectious disease providers.  Even shortly following graduation, my knowledge in networking and health care communication gave me the ability to confidently provide safe, quality patient care". 

 -Bryce Doak, PA-C

I found out how special RMC's PA program was when I came to interview nearly three years ago. I was welcomed with an exceedingly qualified faculty who made me feel like I belonged here. The compassion the faculty had for this program was obvious, and I quickly realized the extent of their commitment to the program's mission of education safe health care providers. I started my didactic year of the MPAS program in July of 2009. The combination of the experienced faculty, small class sizes, interactive learning, and the module style of teaching gave us the essential building blocks to become great health care providers. The faculty challenged us, while providing a support system to give us optimal preparation before starting our clinical year.

The clinical year is the last 12 months of the program. This is when I realized how prepared I really was. RMC's PA program gave me all the necessary tools to be successful throughout each rotation. During the clinical year, comprised of eight 6-week rotations, we traveled around the region and even across the country to get the opportunity to work with fantastic preceptors in all areas of medicine. The physicians, PAs, and nurse practitioners that RMC set me up with were phenomenal, providing an invaluable experience at each location. Every day I came to work excited about what I was doing and my future as a health care provider.

Before starting the program, I would have never imagined how much I would grow as an individual and as a future PA. Opportunities have come up, allowing me to find strengths in myself that I didn't know were there. We were able to become involved in the local community, integrated into the local health care setting, and we attended the American Academy of Physician Assistant annual conference. The faculty at RMC also gave me support and confidence as I applied and became accepted into the Air Force as a PA. I truly believe RMC's PA program shaped the person I am today and gave me the tools to become an outstanding PA. 

-Maggie Dutcher, MPAS Class of 2011