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Rocky Mountain College is excited to announce the fifth Italian study abroad opportunity for its students during the Fall Semester of 2017. Students arrive in Italy September 24 and return November 16. 

Students will begin at the Villa Pieve with Italian language and art history classes, then on to Florence and Rome for an up-close and personal two-week art history encounter, led and taught by RMC Professor Mark Moak. After two weeks of touring, the program returns to the Villa Pieve near Perugia, in the heart of Italy, where students will continue to learn Italian from local instructor, Catia Melani, and will record and post their experiences in a blog. Additionally, students will take courses in drawing and travel photography. Professor Jim Baken will teach Drawing I and II and Dave Shumway, adjunct professor of photography, will teach digital photography and travel photography. Sixteen semester hours of college credit are offered.

For more information, contact Mark Moak, RMC professor of art, at 406.657.1094 or moakm@rocky.edu.

Check out Dave Shumway's photos from past year's trip! 

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