Aeronautical Science (Professional Pilot)

This major prepares graduates to begin a career as a professional pilot within the aviation industry. The aeronautical science major combines pilot certification with studies of the air transportation-operating environment, which makes RMC graduates well-rounded aviation professionals.

Flight training is conducted in Piper and Beechcraft aircraft owned by RMC. Glass cockpit aircraft and sophisticated simulators are used in training to prepare graduates for competitive careers in aviation. Further training is conducted using state-of-the-art Canadair Regional Jet (CRF) flight management system (FMS) simulation. The program emphasizes professional experiences, relevant classroom instruction, and safe flight operations that will help transition the students to a successful career after graduation.

Check out the four-year plan for a major in aeronautical science.

If you are interested in becoming a certified private pilot, but not a commercial pilot, consider a minor in aeronautical science.