Alumni News

  • Kara won an all-expenses-paid internship in New York City in which she was allowed to name the organization she wanted to work with and tailor-make her internship.
  • Whitney received the only post-undergraduate internship offered in Boston, Mass., with the Bill Clinton Foundation to work on their HIV initiative. Whitney did analysis on HIV issues nationally and internationally.
  • Alex recently returned from Russia where he spent six months on a Russian company public relations internship.
  • Liz took a position in Sheridan, Wyo., as assistant to the mayor upon completion of her degree.
  • Bonnie recently took a position with the American Cancer Society as a relationship manager. 
  • Amy is about to finish a master's degree and is a teaching assistant. She plans to do a Ph.D. in communication studies.
  • Erin is a newly appointed director of a theater.
  • Bryan is working on a master's degree in criminology at the University of Montana.
  • Latoya won a minority student support internship in New York City, in which the sponsoring association helped her hone her skills.

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