Program Goals

The goals of the communication studies department include;

  • To prepare students for their careers;
  • To provide practical experience in academics and through internships;
  • To enlighten students about the historical, traditional, and theoretical foundations of communication studies;
  • To provide an intercultural understanding of the ethics of communication;
  • To provide opportunities for students to engage in public presentations and debates;
  • To produce critical listeners and readers that will be active members of society;
  • To provide a comprehensive education that emphasizes respect in interpersonal communication, oral argumentation skills, professional and academic writing, and critical thinking.

Our Mission

The communication studies program seeks to facilitate an understanding of theory and practice that will prepare students for their life outside of academics. Students will become articulate and intentional communicators, respecting the integrity and power of the spoken and written word. Students learn about foundational theories and explore how they engage with academics, politics, and contemporary issues.