Learning Outcomes

English Student Learning Outcomes

Creative Writing Major

Students who graduate with a major in creative writing will:

  1. Develop a portfolio of works of fiction, drama, and poetry;
  2. Develop an active, experimental, and reflective writing process that includes invention, drafting, revision, and editing;
  3. Read as a writer, which involves understanding processes and craft techniques for contemporary fiction, drama, and poetry;
  4. Demonstrate the professional habits of active creative writers: give public readings, read literary magazines, and submit work for publication according to professional standards of manuscript preparation;
  5. Provide feedback for multiple genres of writing in a workshop setting;
  6. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the key figures, movements, and genres of literary history; and
  7. Demonstrate a command of the grammar and conventions of standard written English.

English Education Major

Please consult the learning outcomes for the secondary education major.

Literary Studies Major

Students who graduate with a major in literary studies will:

  1. Possess a thorough understanding of cultural and ideological traditions as reflected in British and American literatures;
  2. Be familiar with literatures in their cultural and historical contexts, including post-colonial literary expressions and traditions;
  3. Understand and employ multiple theoretical perspectives; and
  4. Demonstrate well-developed skills in reading closely, thinking critically, and communicating effectively in discussion and in writing.