Local Musical Opportunities

Local opportunities abound in Billings, Mont., for people who love music. You can catch a night of jazz over a romantic dinner downtown at Walker's Grill, enjoy the symphony for free in Pioneer Park with a few thousand of your new friends, stroll through the Farmer's Market listening to street performers during the summer months, or catch a professional musical at the Alberta Bair Theater.

If you're feeling the need to be more than a passive listener of music, give singing a shot at one of the local coffee shops like Off The Leaf or Beartooth Mountain Coffee Roasters; if you're interested, there are always churches looking for worship leaders. Twice a year the Rimrock Opera Company opens the door for auditions for both lead and chorus parts, and at any point you can speak with our very own Dr. Steven Hart about auditioning for the Billings Symphony Orchestra and Chorale.

If you're interested in more career development, we'll work closely with you to match your gifts and passions with our connections around the city, state, and country to help you find an internship, performance opportunity, or graduate audition. You can also contact career services to see what new listings they have.