Tony Hammond
Tony Hammond
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As each musician’s eyes follow notes across the music, their synapses fire in unison and a melodic swell erupts from the group: music is a community event.

But their magical connection doesn’t emerge out of nothing...  Read more...

Jazz Band

Jazz Band

"If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know." - Louis Armstrong

Our musicians don't ask, they just do. If you've got music in your soul and a love for playing, you will certainly want to join the jazz band ensemble. You bring your instrument, we'll fit you in.

The Rocky Mountain College Band program is a great chance for anyone interested in performing in a relaxed, fun band environment. The jazz band is composed of both music majors and non-music majors, allowing students to meet others from all departments.

The RMC Band has many opportunities to listen to and meet professional musicians from all over the country. The RMC Jazz Band is asked to perform all over the city of Billings for many venues.

The RMC Band program is open to all students who have a desire to be a part of a performing group and continue their love of music for the enjoyment of the rest of the RMC community and the city of Billings.