Our majors find themselves well-prepared to pursue advanced graduate degrees in philosophy or religion at institutions ranging from the University of Montana to Boston University and even Harvard University. Often students have gone on to advanced professional programs, such as law or social work with their philosophy and religious thought major.

Philosophy, religion, and the classics provide depth and strength to any major or professional pursuit. Our students learn to think and write well, and they learn to articulate and defend complex ideas. Hence, we normally advise students to double major (or minor) in philosophy and religious thought and another major.

Other majors have included teaching (such as in English, history, political science, or even elementary education) and have provided teachers with that special classroom edge with their students. Sociology, psychology, or environmental studies and science majors are a natural fit with our program, but even equestrian and computer science majors have benefited from their philosophy degrees. Students pursuing advanced work in medicine or the sciences often encounter ethical and humane issues that our major has better prepared them to address.