Why Minor In Philosophy and Religious Thought?

Literally, philosophy means "love of wisdom." Pursuing wisdom through carefully reasoned reflection, philosophy inquires into questions concerning the meaning of life, virtue, morality, freedom, God, and death. Religious thinkers ask the same questions, but in the context or religious traditions and sacred texts. On more theoretical levels, philosophy is concerned with reality and knowledge, often examining the unstated assumptions underlying other disciplines. Both religion and philosophy are vitally interested in ethics.

This combined program is designed to give students an introduction to the issues of religious thought and philosophy. The program allows them to investigate the philosophical and religious implications of what they are studying, doing, and thinking and to prepare for a wide variety of possible further study, including graduate school, seminary, or professional fields, such as law school. The minor in philosophy and religious thought can be added to another major to further the liberal arts element of study at RMC. For more information on the minor, please consult the course catalog.