"There is no finer life-preparing experience one can have . . ."

Psychology as a Discipline

Psychology reflects the study of human behavior. Students in psychology struggle to comprehend what it means to be caught in the human condition and discover that they can make choices and take responsibility for those choices. They develop empathy with themselves, each other, and the diverse populations that live on this planet. The program in psychology at RMC educations students in the basic principles, language, and theories of the science of psychology. Students learn to think critically by evaluating the evidence and reasoning upon which explanations of human behavior are based. They collect data, design, and conduct studies; interpret and apply research; and discover what that research means in the real world of people. When analysis is completed, they learn to communicate their findings both orally and in writing. Whether using statistics to support experimental research, literary analysis to help explicate a psychological passage in a novel, or cultural history to broaden awareness of their field, students use the liberal arts as grounding for disciplinary knowledge.

Internships in Psychology

The major requirement that students often find most valuable is the internship. Students are required to earn a minimum of three credits of internship, which allows them to apply their interviewing, listening, and assessment skills in a real-life setting. These placements are designed to benefit each individual student are often with such organizations as the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, the Community Mental Health Center, New Day (in-patient care for troubled adolescents), and Alternatives (transitional care for inmates of the state and federal correctional systems).