Learning Outcomes

Psychology Student Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a major in psychology will be able to:
  1.     Describe basic psychological theories including personality, learning, cognitive, biological/physiological,
        social, and psychopathological.
  2.     Apply the processes of scientific inquiry to questions concerning human behavior.
  3.     Outline human development in terms of physiological, social, and environmental influences throughout
        the lifespan.
  4.     Explain the theories and factors that contribute to psychological dysfunction of individuals and families.
  5.     Perform well as an intern as evaluated by the internship supervisor and faculty mentor.
  6.     Use the APA format appropriately.
  7.     Use the DSM-5 appropriately.
  8.     Use statistics appropriately.

*Also, all psychology students are required to take an internship. Students should be able to perform well in these internships as evaluated by their internship supervisors.