Officer Roles and Responsibilities


Camille Gonzales (

General Duties

  • Club leadership
  • Provide role model of enthusiasm, integrity, and fairness.
  • Lead club membership – define and pursue goals and objectives of club.
  • Delegate responsibilities – ensure all members are assigned a task or placed on a committee so each member can participate in the activities and work of the club.
  • Club meetings
  • Call meetings to order and preside at meetings.
  • Announce business before the club.
  • Preserve order and decorum.
  • Be familiar with parliamentary procedure.

Specific Duties

Following election and before the end of spring semester:

  • Receive thorough orientation from preceding president and from faculty advisor(s). Ensure that predecessor turns over all necessary chapter materials, including RMC Psychology Club binder.
  • Become familiar with resources, both local and society level.
  • Plan meeting to prepare for upcoming academic year.

Begins with fall semester and continues throughout the school year:

  • Survey campus needs and individual members' talents in planning service and leadership projects.
  • Plan a retreat or kick-off meeting in late summer or early fall so members can get acquainted with each other and so goals and objects for the year can be established.
  • Involve all members of the club in activities and delegate and assign responsibilities. Always follow up.
  • Keep a list of objectives with dates and deadlines.
  • Establish regular meeting times for 1) entire club and 2) officers and advisor(s).
  • Determine if extra funds are necessary, and plan fundraising functions.
  • Make appointments early in the year with the president of RMC and/or with the president of ASRMC.
  • Offer services of RMCPC to assist with projects.
  • Invite RMC President and/or Dean of Student Life to speak at a meeting or other event.
  • Describe Psi Chi, its goals, and its accomplishments at your chapter and at the Society level (check "Eye on Psi Chi for Society" and chapter activities).
  • Ensure all new officers have received officer materials from their predecessors and they are comfortable with their working knowledge of their duties and responsibilities.

Vice President

Gillian Williams Burden (

  • In absence of president, or at request of president, perform president's duties.
  • Serve as program chair for club.
  • Maintain Vice President notebook.
  • Introduce speakers at meetings and programs.
  • Obtain facilities for meetings and programs.
  • Ensure that all meetings and programs are properly publicized.
  • Assist chairs of committees.
  • Assist secretary in preparing report of club's activities to send to the faculty advisor.
  • Keep in close contact with club president and faculty advisor.
  • Organize nomination and election of club officers, preferably at the end of fall semester or beginning of spring term to allow new officers to work with incumbent officers and become familiar with duties of office.
  • Orient successor and turn all materials over to new vice president.


Macayla Birdwell (

  • Responsible for getting thank-you cards or letter out to those people or businesses that support the club for various activities and fundraisers.
  • Distribute messages about the club to members through email, take notes and time at club meetings, make notes available to members who were unable to attend meetings.
  • Receive thorough orientation from preceding secretary. Ensure that predecessor turns over all necessary club materials, including secretary's notebook. Secretary's notebook should contain membership roll, copies of registration materials and forms, copies of minutes of past meetings, attendance records, copies of past correspondence, records and reports of club programs and activities, all forms and materials for operating the club, and any other notes or materials found to be helpful in carrying on the duties of club secretary.
  • Take and record minutes of each meeting.
  • Distribute copies of minutes or make copies available to faculty advisor(s) and to all members.
  • Keep accurate roll of members' attendance at meetings.
  • Have custody of all papers of the club not in the custody of the other officers of the faculty advisor(s).
  • Compile list of email addresses of all chapter members.
  • Distribute all emailed Psi Chi Digest messages from the Central Office.
  • Notify all members and advisors of place and time of meetings, elections, inductions, and other chapter activities.
  • Prepare report of club activities and election of new club officers and send to the faculty advisor(s).
  • Receive and distribute all materials from the faculty advisor(s).
  • Orient successor and turn all materials over to that person, including secretary's notebook.
  • Establish a working budget with your club.
  • Collet all fees and dues. All Society registration fees should be collected and deposited in time for one check or money order to be obtained and sent to the faculty advisor(s) no later than three weeks before the induction of new members is to take place.
  • Pay all bill promptly. Ensure that all disbursements of club funds are made on order of the club.
  • Report to club on a regular basis, including an end-of-the-year report. The financial records should be kept up-to-date and readily available for observation by advisors, officers, and members of the club. Because of the importance of keeping these records accurate and safe, always keep them in a secure location in the department or faculty advisor's office. They should not be taken home or carried about casually.
  • Complete the year-end financial report for current year and file it with the faculty advisor(s).
  • Orient successor and turn all materials over to that person, including treasurer's notebook and permanent-bound accounting book. Ensure that all records are in order before turning them over to the successor.

Publicity/Public Relations Officer

Sky Gabel (

  • Publicize all RMCPC events, programs, and activities.
  • Distribute monthly calendars to members (or similar schedule of activities).
  • Carry on necessary correspondence.
  • Compile list of names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of all club sponsors, alumni, presenters, and resources.
  • Maintain the Public Relation Officer's notebook.
  • Responsible for designed and posting fliers around campus about upcoming club activities (help may be recruited).
  • Promote awareness of RMCPC to the campus community and the community at large.
  • Establish and maintain good relations with campus media.
  • Submit newsworthy items about club or individual members to campus and community media.
  • Solicit news items from members.
  • Orient successor and turn all materials over to that person, including PR's notebook and permanent-bound accounting. Ensure that all records are in order before turning them over to the successor.


Position Open

  • Compile chapter history as it is made.
  • See that photographs are taken at RMCPC events.
  • Collet clippings and important correspondence.
  • Prepare scrapbook detailing events of the year.
  • Promote awareness of anniversaries and past events and successes.
  • Ensure that the club's historical records are properly preserved.