Technical Emphasis

A bachelor's of art in theatre with a technical emphasis will set you on track to working the sound and light boards for a technically intense Broadway musical, designing costumes or scenery for a major opera, or doing whatever other behind-the-scenes work you have your heart set on.

As well as completing the Rocky Mountain College general education requirements, a student graduating with a bachelor's of arts in theatre with a technical emphasis must also complete the following courses;

43 credit hours including:

  • THR 101: Introduction to Theatre
  • THR 131: Technical Production
  • THR 235: Drafting for the Stage
  • THR 242: Modern Dramatic Literature
  • THR 250: Directing I
  • THR 253: Classical Dramatic Literature
  • THR 433: Theatre History I - Beginnings through Neoclassicism
  • THR 434: Theatre History II - Neoclassicism to the Present
  • THR 483: Senior Project

Four semesters of one of the following:

  • THR 291: Theatre Practicum
  • THR 391: Advanced Theatre Practicum

Choose two of the following:

  • THR 310: Lighting Design
  • THR 315: Scene Design
  • THR 320: Costuming for the Stage

Choose six credits from the following:

  • THR 135: Stage Makeup
  • THR 245: Scene Painting
  • THR 336: Rendering for the Stage
  • THR 391: Advanced Theatre Practicum