Organizational Leadership Minor

This interdisciplinary minor covers a range of leadership concepts, which includes values, ethics, and attitudes; problem-solving; decision-making; management of others, which includes collaborative management; delegation; management of change; communication and feedback; team management, which includes the development and growth of group dynamics; and the critical competency of leading through the ethical use of legitimate power and influence.

Completion of this minor is designed to enable the student to accomplish the following learning outcomes:

  1. Effectively communicate verbally and in writing;
  2. Equip the student with leadership theory and enable the student to implement this theory in practical ways;
  3. Implement human resource scheduling methods;
  4. Put into practice production and project management techniques; and
  5. Understand what causes some leaders to succeed while others fail.

For more information about the organizational leadership minor, contact Professor Clete Knaub or consult the course catalog.