Individualized Program of Study (IPS)

An individualized program of study (IPS) allows students to design a program that is not regularly offered by Rocky Mountain College. A student determines, with the help of faculty advisors, a program of study tailored to meet individual needs and interests. An IPS can be developed for either a major or a minor. All other graduation requirements must be completed, including all core curriculum requirements. An IPS must be a pre-planned program of study; therefore, IPS proposals should be submitted by the end of the sophomore year.

The vice president of enrollment services and the academic vice president must approve all IPS programs. Applications should include the educational rationale behind the program along with a list of all courses to be applied toward the program. The application should also include requirements of similar programs from at least two other accredited institutions. All IPS majors and minors must meet the minimum criteria listed in the requirements for a baccalaureate degree. Proposals are evaluated on the basis of whether or not an IPS provides a coherent program of study, whether the proposed program is similar in breadth and depth to programs at other institutions, whether such a program can better meet the needs of the student, and whether or not the student can offer evidence of the ability to plan and carry out such an individualized program. To be eligible for consideration, the student must be available for regular on-campus contact with the major advisor. Contact the Office of Student Records (406.657.1030) for further guidance on the preparation of an IPS proposal.

All courses for this program fall under other programs.