Ambrin MasoodAmbrin F. Masood

Assistant Professor of Psychology
B.S. University of the Punjab
M.S. University of South Alabama
Ph.D. Auburn University
Phone: 406.238.7275


Ambrin Masood is an avid photographer, spinning instructor, animal lover, and aspiring farmer. Her family moved to Montana in 2009 following their dreams. Dr. Masood joined RMC in 2010 after finishing her doctorate in school psychology at Auburn University. Her diverse cultural background and extensive travel opportunities have inspired Dr. Masood to study personality development with an emphasis on the impact of environment and life experiences on personalities. Most of her research work and her dissertation are focused on the impact of culture and education on personality. Dr. Masood is an ardent admirer of the world of Piaget and Adler.

Dr. Masood believes that education should be much more than just a curriculum. She believes that is should be an "experience" that helps us grow as individuals and achieve a higher level of understanding regarding what ultimately shapes us and makes us who we are.

When not at RMC, Dr. Masood is a wife to her best friend, Faraz, and a mother to eight-year-old Hadi and six-year-old twins Homa and Zaki. She is also fortunate to have the company of Rakush and Rustam, their two Appaloosas; Zeus and Olga, two german shepherds; Sylvester, their cat; and Rapunzel, Misty, Shadow, and Coco Puffs, their four chickens.

Courses Taught

  • PSY 101: General Psychology
  • PSY 201: Social Psychology
  • PSY 206: Human Development II
  • PSY 312: Behavior Modification
  • PSY 315: Community Problems/Contemporary Issues
  • PSY 320: Cognitive Psychology 
  • PSY 431: Psychological Assessment and Measurement
  • PSY 499: Directed Research

Research Interests

  • Impact of cultural and language on personality
  • Bullying and personality
  • Parenting styles
  • Importance of interpersonal communication patterns in family cohesiveness
  • Importance of support networks in crisis