David Strong

David Strong

Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies
Morledge-Kimball Hall 211


David Strong is an avid backpacker and fly fisherman who has been inspired by the natural world, the arts, literature, and various traditions of philosophy. All of us sense the magnitude of the human-caused transformation of Earth from the Industrial Revolution onward, and we are aware that every day we are advancing our scientific knowledge of the environmental consequences of this transformation. Less well understood has been the impact of this transformation on the human condition. Strong's work addresses this latter, the cultural and environmental challenges raised by this transformation. Typical of the kind of concrete and philosophical thinking he does is his, Crazy Mountains: Learning From Wilderness To Weigh Technology, a book that invites readers to reflect on larger philosophical and cultural issues by beginning with the Crazy Mountains near Billings.

Courses taught

PHR 100 Introduction to Philosophy and Religious Thought
ESS 100 Introduction to Environmental Studies
PHR 120 Classic Texts In Western Thought (RFE)
PHR 205 Logic
PHR 211, 212 History of Philosophy Series
PHR 303 Ethics
PHR 304 Environmental Ethics
PHR 321 Major Philosophical Figures
PHR 375 Styles of Contemporary Philosophy
PHR 378 Philosophy of Technology and Modern Culture
PHR 490, ESS 490 Senior seminars in philosophy and environmental studies in areas of research