Gavin KirtonGavin F. Kirton

Associate Professor of Chemistry
NMR and Chemical Instrument Director
B.S. Murdoch University – Perth, Australia
Ph.D. Australian National University – Canberra, Australia
Phone: 406.238.7377
Office: Bair Science Center 101-F


Originally from Australia, Dr. Gavin Kirton began teaching at Rocky Mountain College in 2007 following post-doctoral research and lecturing chemistry courses at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and Bowling Green State University. Dr. Kirton's specialty is physical chemistry, and he continues to research in the field of colloid and surface chemistry. His current research focuses on characterizing the structure and electrostatics involved with assemblies of surfactant molecules called micelles.

Dr. Kirton is in charge of the analytical and instrumental courses, as well as much of the general course deliver. He has also taken on the responsibility for the maintenance and training on the departmental instrumentation, including the 300 MHz Bruker nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer in the Keck Laboratory.

Courses Taught

  • CHM 100: Chemistry of Everyday Life
  • CHM 101/102: General Chemistry I & II
  • CHM 105:  Chemical Magic
  • CHM 123: Introduction to Chemistry Research I
  • CHM 223: Introduction to Chemistry Research II
  • CHM 251/252: Organic Chemistry I & II
  • CHM 336: Instrumental Analysis
  • CHM 338: Chemical Equilibrium and Analysis
  • CHM 401: Chemical Thermodynamics
  • CHM 402: Quantum Chemistry 


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