Jason StokeJason Stoke

Assistant Professor, Physics
B.S. Colorado State University
M.S. University of Toledo
Ph.D. Colorado School of Mines
Phone: 406.238.7265
Office: Tyler Hall 108
Email: jason.stoke@rocky.edu


I found my way to Montana on a very indirect path. I'm originally from the Northwest, but received by bachelor's degree from Colorado State University. While living in Fort Collins, I was introduced to snowboarding and loved it - so much so, that I spent two years after graduation being a snowboard bum. I thought I would apply my physics knowledge toward the study of frictional forces of frozen media, two dimensional kinematics, and very short time impulse interactions with immobile objects.

It was fun snowboarding, but I felt that my physics background should be put to better use, so I moved to Ohio and entered graduate school at the University of Toledo. My time spent on the North Coast was memorable for the good people I met and for what I learned there, but I missed being near mountains and crystal-clear rivers. After getting my master's from UT, I moved back west to Golden, Colorado, where I entered the Ph.D. program at the Colorado School of Mines. After defending my doctorate dissertation in 2012, I moved to Billings to start my first "real" job as a college professor. 

I have been interested in the development of renewable energy since my first undergraduate internship at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). I benefited greatly from this experience and would like to see the next generation of undergraduates have the same opportunity. As a graduate student I spent most of my time using spectroscopic ellipsometry to investigate optical and structural properties of thin film semi-conducting materials incorporated into solar cells. I hope to continue this line of research at RMC.