Mark MoakMark S. Moak

Professor, Art
B.F.A., M.F.A. University of Georgia
Technology Hall 27B 


Under the auspices of the British School at Athens, I have worked at and for the Minoan excavations at Palaikastro, Crete, since the late 1980s. This has led to numerous professional and public lectures and presentations at home and abroad - including the British Museum. I've brought these experiences into the classroom as well as taken students abroad to participate in foreign study tours.

For 25 summers, my wife and I have staffed fire lookout towers in Arizona and Idaho for the U. S. Forest Service.

Drummer for the MidLife Chryslers, comprised of four doctors, an athletic trainer and a college professor, this local, classic rock band plays primarily for charitable causes.

Special Interests

British School at Athens, American Institute of Archaeology, Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America, Forest Fire Lookout Association, MidLife Chryslers

Courses Taught

Below are the courses I have taught at RMC (not counting RFE, ILS, special topics, etc.); the underlined ones are what I see as my specialties. In a sentence, my specialties are jewelry/metalworking, calligraphy, ancient art history and digital photography.

  • ART 101 Drawing I, 
  • ART 114/214/314 Gallery, 
  • ART 121 Design I,
  • ART 220 Art History Survey I, 
  • ART 221 Art History Survey II,
  • ART 232 Painting II,
  • ART 243 Digital Photography
  • ART 244 Calligraphy
  • ART 252 Jewelry and Metalwork I
  • ART 321 Topics in Art History I 
  • ART 323 Topics in Art History III
  • ART 342 Printmaking
  • ART 350 Sculpture
  • ART 352 Jewelry and Metalwork II
  • ART 483 Senior Project
  • ART 484 Greek Art
  • ART 490 Art Seminar

What advice would you give to a prospective student?

Know yourself and know when to work and when to play.

How long have you worked at RMC?

Since 1987 (24 years!)

What is your favorite class to teach and why?

That's a tough one... jewelry and metalworking is my specialty and I always enjoy teaching it. But I'm really fired up about art history, particularly when we take "field trips." This fall, we're starting a Semester in Italy program. I can't wait!

What is on your iPod?

Actually, I'm using an iPad more than my iPod these days. I'll mention two things on my iPad... 2022 songs ranging from classical to folk to world to alternative to heavy metal, but mostly classic rock and roll. I just got Star Walk, a really killer astronomy app.

What is your favorite thing about RMC?

That's another tough one... I love the freedom to pursue my academic interests, both in and outside the classroom. I have great colleagues who are some of my best friends. But teaching students is why I am here and Rocky students are something special. I love teaching here.