Twylla KirchenTwylla Kirchen

B.A. University of Nevada Reno-Psychology
M.S. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill-Occupational Therapy
P.h.D Texas Woman’s University-Occupational Therapy
Phone: 540.746.6640
Office: Top Floor, Charles Morledge Science Building


Dr. Kirchen attended Rocky Mountain College approximately 30 years ago. She left to enlist in the Army and has been away for quite some time. As a 5th generation Montanan, she’s glad to be home! She is honored to be the founding director of the Rocky Mountain College Occupational Doctorate Program and feels everything she has done in her life has led her back home. The RMC OTD Program is a premier educational opportunity that will develop future occupational therapy leaders, educators, researchers and clinicians. Twylla will assume a full-time academic appointment at Rocky Mountain College as of July 1, 2018. In the meantime, she will be transitioning to Montana from James Madison University in Virginia, where she has been the OT program director for the past four years.