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Beicken, Julie
Soc 101 Introduction to Sociology
RES 213 The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life
RES 214 You May Ask Yourself
RES 215 On the Fireline

Common Read 
RES 150-A American Copper
RES 150-B The Round House
RES 150-D The Star Side of Bird Hill
RES 150-E Concussion
RES 150-F The Heart and the Fist
RES 150-G The Road to Character
RES 150-H Hillbill Elegy
RES 150-I The Underground Railroad

Cummings, Robyn
MAT 090 Math Refresher: Algebra
RES 228 Focus on Elementary Algebra

MAT 100: College Algebra
RES 200 Algebra and Trigonometry

MAT110: Elementary Functions
RES 200 Algebra and Trigonometry

Dreikosen, Bill
HHP 301 Officiating High School Sports
RES 120 Game Officials Book and Pamphlet

Ellis, Shelley

EDC 310 Classroom Management
RES 045A The Effective Teacher DVD, part 1 The Effective Teacher
RES 045B The Effective Teacher DVD, part 2 The First Days of School
RES 045C The Effective Teacher DVD, part 3 Discipline and Procedures
RES 045D The Effective Teacher DVD, part 4 Procedures and Routines
RES 045E The Effective Teacher DVD, part 5 Cooperative Learning and Culture
RES 045F The Effective Teacher DVD, part 6 Lesson Mastery
RES 045G The Effective Teacher DVD, part 7 The Professional Educator
RES 045H The Effective Teacher DVD, part 8 Positive Expectations

EDC 402 Curriculum and Pedagogy
RES 244 Dealings With Parents Who Are Angry, Troubled, Afraid, or Just Plain Crazy
RES 245 Dealing with Difficult Parents

Hutchinson, Cynthia
PSY 212 Family Dynamics and Theories of Family Therapy
RES 305 You Can Go Home Again
RES 306 Family Therapy

Lehman, Tim
Faculty PPC
RES 143 RMC Assessment of the Academic Governance Structure copy 1
RES 144 RMC Assessment of the Academic Governance Structure copy 2
RES 145 RMC Assessment of the Academic Governance Structure copy 3

Osotvar, Kayhan
ESC 105 Environmental Science
RES 015 Rachel Carson's Silent Spring DVD
RES 105 Dam Nation
RES 101 Sustaining Healthy Freshwater Ecosystems

RES 102 Little Dams, Big Barriers
RES 103 Salmon Salvation
RES 104 Electronic Waste 
RES 105 Ogallala Aquifer
RES 106 Endocrine Disruptors
RES 107 China World's Biggest CO2 Emitter
RES 108 Biological Soil Crusts
RES 109 Population Terms
RES 110 Coastal Tanzania, Nairobi, USAID (3 Articles)
RES 112 Green City and Clean Energy (4 Articles)
RES 113 Environmental Stewardship on Campus

ESC 209 Vertebrate Diversity
RES 043(A-L) Fish of Montana CD (12 copies)

ESC 243 Tropical Ecology
RES 035 Milking the Rhino
RES 460 The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals

Reser, Erin
COM 102 Public Speaking
RES 349 The Art of Public Speaking

COM 319 Environmental Communication
RES 016 A Fierce Green Fire DVD

Rosen, Aaron
PHR 100 Introduction to Religious Studies
RES 246 The Blackwell Companion to the Study of Religion
RES 247 A Reading in the Anthropology of Religion
RES 248 The Cambridge Companion to Karl Barth
RES 249 The Cambridge Companion to Modern Jewish Philosophy
RES 250 The Art of the Sacred

PHR 421 Philosophy of Religion
RES 192 Idolatry and Representation
RES 193 The Bonhoeffer Legacy
RES 194 Luther and the Jews: Presentations
RES 195 Correlations in Rosenzweig and Levinas
RES 196 New Perspectives on Martin Buber
RES 197 A the Mind's Limit
RES 198 Judaism Despite Christianity
RES 199 Franz Rosenzwigs's Conversations
RES 241 The Idea of the Holy
RES 242 The Sacred Canopy
RES 243 The Future of an Illusion
RES 251 A Maimonides Reader
RES 252 Communities of Violence
RES 253 The Jewish-Christian Debate in the High Middle Ages
RES 254 Enlightenment Contested
RES 255 Spinoza's Critique of Religion
RES 256 Leo Strauss on Moses Mendelssohn
RES 257 Selected Writing by Thomas Aquinas
RES 258 Moses Mendelssohn: Enlightenment, Religion, Pollitics, Nationalism
RES 259 Commentary of the Letter of Saint Paul to the Romans

RES 260 Summa of the Summa
RES 343 The Cross and the Star
RES 344 Approaches to Auschwitz
RES 345 A Karl Barth Reader
RES 345 THe Berlin Haskalah and German Religious Thought
RES 347 Church, State, and the Jew in the Middle Ages
RES 348 The Trial of the Talmud:  Paris, 1240
RES 462 The Jews of Medieval Western Christendom, 1000-1500
RES 463 Shield and Sword
RES 464 Thomas Aquinas on the Jews
RES 465 Moses Mendelssohn: Writings on Judaism, Christianity, and the Bible
RES 467 Judaism on Trial
RES 469 The Paul Debate
RES 470 On Augustine
RES 472 The Ways That Never Parted
RES 473 Living Letters of the Law
RES 474 Augustine and the Jews
RES 475 A Radical Jew
RES 477 The Apostle Paul in the Jewish Imagination
RES 478 Paul: The Apostle's Life, Letters, and Thought
RES 481 The Roots of Anti-Semitism in the Age of Renaissance and Reformation
RES 482 John Calvin and the Jews
RES 486 Franz Rosenzweig: His Life and Thought
RES 487 The Star of Redemption
RES 488 The Cambridge Companion to Augustine
RES 489 Resident Aliens
RES 490 To Mend the World
RES 491 A Testament of Hope
RES 492 The Levinas Reader
RES 493 Christianity in Jewish Terms

RES 494 Paul: A Very Short Introduction
RES 495 The Drowned and the Saved
RES 496 Jewish-Christian Dialogue
RES 497 Strange Fire: Reading the Bible After the Holocaust
RES 498 Moses Mendelssohn and the Religious Enlightenment
RES 499 Neither Jew Nor Greek: A Contested Identity

RMC Permanent Reserves

RES 001 Darkroom Key
RES 002 Remote Control Sony DVD/VCR Combo
RES 003 Remote Control DVD Player Toshiba
RES 004 Remote Control for TV/VCR
RES 005 Remote Control for CD Changer
RES 008A Headphones (JVC)

RES 008B Headphones (Optimus)
RES 008C Headphones (Sennheiser)
RES 009 LCD Remote
RES 010 TI-34 Calculator
RES 011 Cassette Player
RES 012 TI-34 Calculator 2
RES 013 Remote Control for Epson LCD Projector - Seminar Room
RES 014 Ethernet Cable
RES 033 Lightning Charger
RES 034 Micro USB Charger
RES 143 RMC Assessment of the Academic Governance Structure copy 1
RES 144 RMC Assessment of the Academic Governance Structure copy 2
RES 145 RMC Assessment of the Academic Governance Structure copy 3
RES 377 Rocky Mountain College Collection Management Plan
RES 411-A Bonanza Pilot's Operating Handbook (copy 1)
RES 411-B Bonanza Pilot's Operating Handbook (copy 2)
RES 411-C Bonanza Pilot's Operating Handbook (copy 3)

Schmitz, Stevie
EDC 365 American Indian Education
RES 148 Collected Wisdom (copy 1)
RES 149 Collected Wisdom (copy 2)