Program Requirements 2015-2016

Below faculty and students can access program requirements, which list required classes for majors and minors under the 2015-2016 course catalog. The worksheets are effective tools for tracking progress toward completion of a major and/or minor. Please note that all files are in PDF format.

Master of Accountancy
Master of Accountancy and Business Administration Major – Management Concentration
Accounting Minor
Aeronautical Science Major
Aeronautical Science Minor
Aircraft Dispatch Minor
Art Major
Art Minor
Aviation Management Major
Biology Major
Biology Minor
Business Administration – Management Concentration
Business Administration – Managerial Accounting Concentration
Business Administration – Small Business Management Concentration
Business Management Minor
Chemistry Major
Chemistry Minor
Communication Studies Major
Communication Studies Minor
Computer Science Major
Computer Science Minor
Core Curriculum Requirements 2015-2016
Economics Minor
Education – Art Major
Education – Art Minor
Education – Biology Minor
Education – English Minor
Education – History Minor
Education – K-12 and Secondary Prerequisites and Core
Education – Mathematics Minor
Education – K-12 Physical Education Major
Education – Political Science Minor
Education – Psychology Minor
Education – Secondary Biology Major
Education – Secondary English Major
Education – Secondary History Major
Education – Secondary Mathematics Major
Education – Secondary Psychology Major
Education – Secondary Biology Broadfield Major
Education – Secondary Chemistry Broadfield Major
Education – Secondary Social Studies Broadfield Major
Education – Vocal and Instrumental Music Major
Education – Elementary Education Major
English – Creative Writing Concentration
English – Literary Studies Concentration
Environmental Management and Policy Major
Environmental Science Major
Environmental Studies Major
Equestrian Studies – Equine Business Concentration
Equestrian Studies – Equine Science Concentration
Equestrian Studies – Equine Science with Pre-Vet Concentration
Equestrian Studies – Equitation and Training Concentration
Equestrian Studies – Riding Instructor Concentration
Equestrian Studies Minor
Equestrian Studies – Therapeutic Riding Concentration
Geology – Geology Concentration
Geology Minor
Geology – Petroleum Systems Concentration
Health & Human Performance – 3+2 Athletic Training Major
Health & Human Performance – Athletic Training Concentration
Health & Human Performance – Athletic Training Minor
Health & Human Performance – Coaching Minor
Health & Human Performance – Exercise Science Concentration
Health & Human Performance – P.E. and Health Studies Concentration
Health & Human Performance – P.E. and Health Studies Minor
Health & Human Performance – Sport Management Concentration
History and Political Science Major
History Major
History Minor
Literary Studies Minor
Mathematics Major
Mathematics Minor
Music – Instrumental Concentration
Music Minor
Music – Piano Concentration
Music – Vocal Concentration
Organizational Leadership Minor
Philosophy and Religious Thought Major
Philosophy and Religious Thought Minor
Physics Minor
Political Science Minor
Pre-Law Minor
Psychology Major
Psychology Minor
Reading Minor
Sociology Major
Sociology Minor
Theatre Arts Minor
Theatre Arts – Performance Concentration
Theatre Arts – Technical Concentration
Unmanned Aerial Systems Minor
Writing Minor