New Course Proposal and Curriculum Revision Procedures

Curricular changes, including new courses, changes to existing courses, and changes in program requirements are initiated by tenure-stream faculty member(s).

  1. Relevant forms from the curriculum website are filled out by faculty.
  2. Proposed curricular changes are reviewed by other members of the program.
  3. Proposal(s) are sent to the Curriculum Committee Chair for review by the Curriculum Committee. Curriculum proposals are due December 1.
  4. Proposal(s) are reviewed by the Curriculum Committee.
    (a) If proposal(s) are complete and met with satisfaction of the committee, then proceed to (5).
    (b) If proposal(s) are not complete or require revision, they are sent back to the contact person with an explanation from the committee.
    (c) The Curriculum Committee will mediate potential problems through discussion with program faculty. 
  5. Proposal(s) are reviewed by the Faculty Executive Committee for inclusion on the agenda of a faculty meeting.
  6. The proposal(s) are presented at a faculty meeting for a vote.
  7. If approved, the Curriculum Committee delivers the proposal(s) to the relevant offices for inclusion in the upcoming catalog.
  8. Program faculty update their curriculum map with curriculum changes and send to