Final Exam Policies


Final examinations are given at the close of each semester. No change in the stated schedule may be made, except by the academic vice president.

Faculty members shall report the final grade for each student missing a final examination as "F" unless the academic vice president has excused this absence.

Requesting a Change in the Final Examination Schedule

Students may request exceptions to the published final exam schedule in cases where adherence to the published schedule would cause undue academic hardship. For example, a student may request the rescheduling of a final exam when the published schedule would require the student to take more than two final examinations on a single day. Since the final examination schedule is published well in advance, exceptions related to personal/travel reasons will not be granted.

Requests for exceptions to the published schedule are initiated through the Office of the Academic Vice President, and an official request form may be obtained there. Requests will be granted only upon the approval of the academic vice president and the course instructor. Completed forms indicating instructor approval must be returned to the Office of the Academic Vice President prior to the earlier of the scheduled examination time or the requested alternate examination time.

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