Explore the world 

The following statement is pretty shocking, coming from an institution of higher education: You can't get everything out of a book.

Some lessons learned at RMC take place in residence halls, Yellowstone National Park, and for many students, in locations beyond the borders of the United States.

Elizabeth McNamer has been exposing students to the mystery of international locations since 1993. Heading up an archaeological dig in Bethsaida, Israel, McNamer's primary goal is helping students discover their place in the world.

Finding two-thousand-year-old relics is just a fringe benefit.

“It’s not a whirlwind trip,” McNamer said. “We do everything just as it should be. We get plenty of time.”

Students spend that time uncovering the world of King David and Jesus, living among Jews and Muslims, swimming in the Dead Sea, enjoying a private showing of the Dead Sea Scrolls by their curator, and plenty more.

McNamer knows the territory inside and out, and she ensures a backstage pass to some pretty amazing sights. And that fits in well with RMC's belief that some lessons won't be found in books. McNamer helps students learn Israel by living Israel.

"The feedback I get is 'Can I go back?'" McNamer said. "We have to know about other cultures. To do that, you have to go. You have to see it, and you have to be in it."