Weight room Vision Statement

The strength and conditioning program at Rocky Mountain College aspires to promote strength, speed, power, injury prevention, and mental toughness. Our goal is to develop athletes that are capable of putting these qualities into play each time they step on the field or court. It is our desire to become one of the leading strength and conditioning programs in the NAIA. We will continuously challenge each athlete to bring an attitude of hard work, accountability, positivity, and total effort to each workout with the goal of improving the athlete both mentally and physically.


The strength and conditioning program is designed to develop functional power. From a conditioning perspective, we focus on the specific energy systems needed for each particular sport. Our weight training philosophy subscribes to a ground-base lifting routine with the use of Olympic style lifts and plyometrics plus standard strength and accessory movements. Great technique is vital as we build functional strength. We place a heavy concentration in our program of developing a balanced athlete to help prevent injuries. We also place a heavy concentration on core stability and body composition. 


In 2011, the RMC weight room underwent extensive remodeling. Now in place are 10 power stations each with platforms and both bumper and metal Olympic weights. In addition, there are also three glute-ham machines, three prowlers, and other accessories, including bands and chains, medicine balls, stability balls, and fat grips. The new design allows us to efficiently workout up to 30 athletes at one time.


Each athlete receives a customized workout plan for all phases of the year. Careful planning takes place in conjunction with sport coaches to construct a program that will suit the Battlin' Bear athletic program and the individual's needs.