Policy Analysis and Feedback

  • Serve as a campus resource for officials in formulating or modifying policy and procedures, raising issues that might surface as a result of a gap between the stated goals of the institution and actual practice.

  • Act as a liaison between individuals or groups and the campus administrative structure, serving as a communicator or informal facilitator, as appropriate, and providing upward feedback.

  • Function as a sensor within the campus community to identify problems or trends that affect the entire campus or significant parts of the community; if appropriate, recommend creative ways to address these concerns.

  • Provide early warning of new areas of organizational concern, upward feedback, critical analysis of systemic needs for improvement, and make systems change recommendations.

  • Campus Community Outreach and Education.

  • The ombudsman is responsible for ongoing education and communication about the office’s role to all potential inquirers as well as to campus leadership.

  • Design and conduct training programs for the campus community in dispute/conflict resolution, negotiation skills and theory, civility, and related topics.