Staff Council

The Staff Council of Rocky Mountain College exists to:

  • Enhance communication between all staff, faculty, and administration within the College;
  • Encourage professional and personal development within the staff;
  • Provide a forum for discussion matters pertinent and important to staff of the College; and
  • Advise and make recommendations about existing and proposed College policies and procedures. 

The Council is a pure democracy in that every RMC employee is a member. RMC staff make a positive difference in College operations and policies by contributing ideas. Summaries of meetings go directly to the President’s cabinet via meeting minutes and presentation by Staff Council leadership.

Monthly meetings typically occur the third Thursday of each month. Meeting agenda items include presentations by staff council sub-committees, administration, and faculty as well as new business brought to the attention of the Staff Council. Staff Council Bylaws regulate officers’ responsibilities and meeting governance. Sub-committees work to address issues and topics of interest. Current sub-committees include:

Strategic Planning

The College’s strategic plan revision requires perspective and critical thinking from all involved parties. This staff group looks at College operations and issues in light of the three core themes of the RMC mission: academic excellence, transformational learning, and shared responsibility and stewardship. For each core theme, the committee analyzes operations that RMC performs well, processes that need improvement, and obstacles that hinder progress in those areas. Substance of the committee report joins documentation from comparable groups found within the faculty and Board. This information will work together to inform a revised RMC Strategic Plan in 2014-2015.

Andy Niemantsverdriet chairs the committee.


In a February 2014 meeting, President Wilmouth charged the RMC staff with an “attention to retention” focus. This group meets bi-weekly to review national and institutional data and assess factors in student retention. Specific initiatives and programs that have been a result include the Campus Call-Back Initiative and the Non-Returning Student Information Form. This group will continue to work to identify opportunities for data collection that may inform retention, as well as to advise and inform the College community about retention issues.

Linda Eliason chairs the committee. 

Employee Board

This separate group with faculty and staff membership combines Staff Council’s previously existing Staff Recognition and Appreciation sub-committee with an initiative of the President. This group works to facilitate personal service excellence (PSE) and recognize employees through appreciation initiatives.

Jill Hirschi chairs the Board.

Staff Council Leadership 

  • Chair – Andy Niemantsverdriet, Linux System Administrator
  • Vice Chair – Katie Carpenter, Associate Dean of Student Life
  • Secretary – Bethany Schatzke, Library Associate
  • Treasurer – Linda Eliason, Administrative Assistant to the Academic Vice President

Schedule of Meetings

  • January 15 in the DeRosier Room
  • February 19
  • March 19
  • April 16
  • May 21

All meetings are held the third Thursday of each month in the Selover Room at 1:30 p.m. unless otherwise specified. 

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