Gifts at WorkScholarship Luncheon

Rocky Mountain College students are benefiting from our active donors and supporters during every lecture, with each perfect note they play, when they catch the perfect pass, with every spike, during each cheer. Thanks to the kindness of the local communities, RMC is not just a place to achieve higher education: RMC is a place to pursue goals and dreams.

Donors recognize the financial struggles today's students face. The RMC Advancement Department actively secures and manages resources to help students receive a quality education. We are committed to providing students with the financial resources needed and so help them reach their peak potential.

RMC celebrates donors by holding the annual Scholarship Luncheon every spring. This is a special time for donors to connect with students, and for students to show their appreciation to donors.

How are your gifts affecting the lives of students? Let them tell you...

Graduation photo Ellen Moak: “It’s an underestimated place. I never dreamed I could accomplish what I did here, and that’s because RMC builds confidence.  I learned I am equipped to make my own happiness.”

Joel Harris: "I grew up in Fort Smith, out on the Crow Reservation on the banks of the Bighorn River, and since I was home schooled, I didn’t really have teachers or classmates to talk over things I was interested in. When I came to RMC, that’s what I found,”

Tyler Kaufmann: “I learned when I came here to take advantage of all the opportunities RMC presented. That’s what college is for, to explore the diversity of the world, and that’s what I did,”

Miranda Ainslie: “When you have those organizations and people behind you, you want to succeed and you learn how important it is to help others,” she said. “You also want to work hard as a way to thank all those donors who make such a difference.”