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Photo captions: 1) Student leaders prospered at the Camp on the Boulder (credit Danny Benzel ’15). 

2014 Summit StudentsLeadership summit brings upperclassmen together before school

BILLINGS, August 25, 2014 – A three-day student leadership summit energized 59 RMC student-leaders a week before classes, high in a mountain valley at the United Methodist-affiliated Camp on the Boulder.

The summit honored myriad ways that we work together to learn. Several sessions taught the student-leaders to help younger students recognize psychology behind personal connections, exemplary followership as a path to leadership, autonomy support, intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, and student-leader roles as they relate to new student orientation. 

The students shared small group and whole group team-building activities including a half-day of low ropes courses led by students who participated in three additional days of challenge activities and ropes course training before they attended the summit. Katie Carpenter (’07), associate dean of student life, and Tim Lohrenz (’01), director of adventure recreation, led the second year of the summit, while Tim’s wife Cara Lohrenz (’06), director of student activities, coordinated logistics.

“We hosted more students this year,” said Tim Lohrenz. “We also revised our programming to give students more time to bond as a group and process the material Katie and I presented.” Group participants discovered each others’ student initiatives in hours of mutual questioning.

“We had a very intentional outcome this year of letting them unwind from summer and get to know each other,” said Carpenter. Participants also trained to help lead new student orientation at RMC the following week by studying the purposes and outcomes of orientation.  

Attendees included leaders of campus activities such as residence hall assistants, members of ASRMC student government, and an editor of the Summit, the RMC student newspaper. Summit editor Emma King (’17) reported “Amazing, crazy; I'm exhausted.”

Resident assistant Nick Pedersen (’17) of Billings called the summit “awesome, incredible, perfect.” The lessons he took home will help him support his freshmen, he said.