2016 Volunteer of the Gamenoah


TEAM: Rocky Mountain College
DATE: Saturday, October 29, 2016

PRESENTERS: President Wilmouth, Rocky Mountain College and Commissioner Jim Larson, Montana Commission on Community Service

LIVEREAD:  Montana Campus Compact and the Governor’s Office of Community Service recognize Noah Oloff as the Volunteer of the Game! When not busy with his studies, you will find Noah out volunteering in the Billings community. When Noah volunteers for a service project, he will always show up ready to work and with a smile on his face. Most recently he has helped to renovate the outdoor chapel on campus, make birthday cards for homeless children and clean graffiti off the Rims. Noah’s commitment to others is evident by his service. He is now spearheading a project to register potential life-saving bone marrow donors. In addition to the tremendous amount of time he spends volunteering in the Billings community, he works supporting fellow classmates as a Resident Advisor and participates in activities and clubs across campus.

Thank you Noah for your commitment to your college and community and congratulations on being selected for the 2016 Volunteer of the Game!