Mission of the Internship Program

The mission of the internship program is to enable college students to participate in career-related work experiences as part of their academic training. The internship program allows students an opportunity to apply theory to real work applications, acquire career experience, and enhance personal growth while earning academic credit.

RMC Experiential Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the experiential learning requirement, the student will have:

  • applied theory learned in the classroom to practical work situations;
  • tested his/her aptitude and interest in a particular field;
  • used skills in a work environment directly applicable to a career; and
  • demonstrated characteristics of professionalism required in the specific career field.

What is an internship?

Internships are an educational partnership between Rocky Mountain College, the business community, and our students. It is a unique academic program that combines classroom learning with practical work experience. The intern is supervised on-site by a designated member of the company/organization and is supervised academically by a faculty member in their field of study. The Career Services Office on campus assists in coordination and communication before, during, and after the internship.

What do interns do?

Interns participate in integrated work assignments that blend academic requirements with your company goals. The employer is responsible for developing a job description, which outlines duties and responsibilities and determines the role an intern will play within the organization. Internships are first and foremost an educational program. Work environments that provide a relevant learning experience are win/win for both employers and students. No more than 20 percent of the intern's responsibilities should be clerical in nature.

How many hours do interns usually work?

Students are required to work a minimum of 45 hours to receive one academic credit. Typically, students complete a three-credit internship during a semester; this averages to approximately 10-12 hours of internship work per week during a 14-week semester. Our students are committed to both their academic responsibilities and the work they do at their internship; balance is the key to success in both. Because of the lack of academic coursework during the summer, many summer internships are more intense, with many students working full-time hours at their internships during the course of the summer.

Why should I hire a student intern? 

The RMC Internship Program

  • provides you with motivated, goal-oriented students who have the incentive to succeed in their field;
  • saves on the cost of recruitment – studies show employers save money by using internships to identify and train personnel;
  • supplies a fresh source of ideas, talent, energy, and enthusiasm to your organization;
  • improves your company’s personnel selection process by using actual on-the-job performance as a basis for choosing quality, permanent employees.
  • RMC students are required to complete an experiential learning experience before they graduate. This is an internship, research project, or study abroad. Some majors require an internship in their program: business, computer science, psychology, exercise science, and environmental science.

Is there a lot of paperwork to complete?

No. We hope to make the internship process as painless as possible. Here are three documents we need from you:

Contact Career Services, 406.657.1039, if you'd like to become an internship partner with RMC.