Clubs and Organizations

Alpha Eta Rho National Aviation Fraternity

The fraternity provides students majoring in aviation an opportunity to become more knowledgeable about careers in aviation. Activities include sponsoring activities and programs of interest to the aviation student. Scholarships are available to members.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a non-partisan organization. We follow the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" or the U.D.H.R. that was created in 1948 under the United Nations General Assembly. Our main objective is to educate and promote human rights. We meet an average of twice a month for about an hour. If interested in changing the world and learning about your basic rights and liberties, I would highly recommend this fun and exciting group. Remember, freedom begins in you!

Circle K Club

Circle K is affiliated with Billings Kiwanis Club. It provides opportunities for leadership development among students, service on campus and in the community, and cooperation in group events.

Equestrian Club

The Equestrian Club is designed to further education as well as enjoyment for horse enthusiasts. This includes but is not limited to: raising funds for charity, volunteering community service hours, attending and sponsoring informative clinics, exposing ourselves to new situations and aspects within the horse world, fellowship with other horse lovers, and being involved in the Billings community.

Friends of Rocky Free Bikes

Friends of the Rocky Free Bikes is a group of fun loving people that don't mind getting our hands dirty. We keep the community bikes on campus running, or at least trying to, while educating our members on bike maintenance. Everyone has a place at the Friends of the Rocky Free Bikes, and whether they can twist wrenches or not, there is always something to be done. As proud custodians of the Rocky Free Bike fleet, we find satisfaction in doing something that is just plain good. We have high hopes that the future will bring an expanded biking experience to the club and Rocky Mountain College. 

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

The GSA provides a safe, supportive and fun environment for RMC students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. In existence since 2005, the club seeks to educate the Rocky community regarding the realities of life as a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered individual and seeks to work towards a more welcoming and inclusive environment at RMC. Activities involve inviting speakers to present forums on various issues, sponsoring a film series/movie/pizza night, and collaborating with community groups on special events, like the Gay Pride Weekend in Billings.

International Sojourners Club

The purpose of International Sojourners is to promote international and intercultural understanding at Rocky Mountain College. We do this by offering the International Food Festival, celebrations of various holidays in other nations, providing opportunities for intercultural interactions and other events that create awareness of international and intercultural issues.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

The mission of this organization is to build collegiate fellowship that will engage the campus in its ethnic diversity with the gospel of Jesus Christ and develop disciples who embody Biblical values.

Newman Club

The Newman Club is a campus ministry for Catholic students. We meet twice a month and give Catholic students an opportunity to get together for prayer and discussion. Mass and dinner are scheduled each month. We have many different activities throughout the year including monthly student/faculty masses with MSU-B, different service projects like visiting the elderly and serving at different local churches as well as some fun nights of pizza and games. We welcome anyone and encourage those who aren't Catholic to come join us and learn about our faith and our club!

OISTERS (Environmental Club)

The Rocky Mountain College OISTERS (Organization of Interested Students Toward Environmentally Responsible Solutions) strives to raise environmental awareness on campus. The OISTERS coordinate all of the recycling on campus, sponsor speakers and workshops, and celebrate Earth Day every April 22 with a tree planting and other activities. The club is open to anyone in the Rocky Family interested in environmental issues.

Precision Flying Team

The purpose of the RMC Precision Flying Team is to allow students in the aviation program an opportunity to enhance their aviation education by competing in the National Intercollegiate Flying Association Regional and National Conferences.

STARs (Student Theatre Association at RMC)

STARs promotes the campus involvement in theatre through engaging the students in theatrical activities such as sack-lunch theatre, a haunted house, and improvisational games. STARs also aids students in performing their own productions, such as senior projects, etc., and welcomes, with open arms, all who have the zeal for theatre.

Taekwondo/Karate Club

The purpose of the Rocky Mountain College Judo, Taekwondo/Karate Club is to promote and correlate all activities pertaining to the martial arts, specifically Judo and Taekwondo (Karate). The club encourages participation and fosters sportsmanship, friendly competition, physical fitness, and knowledge of martial art history and philosophy. The club aids in the organization of tournaments and assists in team or individual preparation. The club provides the opportunity for rank certification in accordance with the by-laws and rules of the regional, national, and international judo and Taekwondo associations. We also establish healthy social and physical fitness regimens for members and can assist in financial remuneration for the instructor fees.

If you are interested in becoming involved in any of these clubs or activities, contact the vice president of student services or the ASRMC office for more information.