Welcome to Residence Life at Rocky Mountain College

Your Home Away from Home

No matter where you live on the RMC campus, you are about to become part of a close community. In our residence halls, you will build close relationships and create memories that will last a lifetime. Just as you will learn and grow through your classes, you will enrich your life through the activities, friendships and fun of residence hall living.

What to Expect...

Residence halls are more than a place to sleep; they are living-learning communities full of opportunities for you to make friends and expand your horizons. The Residence Life Staff will be there every step of the way to assist you. We look forward to meeting you and enhancing your educational experience.

Rocky Mountain College students are required to live on campus for two years. Exceptions can be made for students who are 21 years-of-age or older, married, or permanent residents of Yellowstone County. For those students seeking an off-campus exemption due to reasons other than those previously noted, Off-Campus Housing Exemption & Contract Cancellation Request forms are available. 

Each room is furnished with a bed, desk, dresser, closet, and chair for each student. Anderson Hall, Widenhouse Hall, and Rimview Hall rooms are carpeted. Widenhouse and Rimview suites include a bathroom, refrigerator, microwave, and sink. 

You will need sheets (twin x-long), pillows, pillowcases, blankets, alarm clock, towels, toiletries, laundry supplies, and a telephone. Most supplies for classes may be purchased on campus at the Rocky Mountain College Bookstore. You may also bring anything that makes you feel comfortable – your stereo, TV, DVD player, computer, microwave, popcorn popper, coffee pot, softball glove, stuffed animals, or your favorite comforter. 

There are some things, though, that you should leave at home. No pets are allowed in the residence halls. Also, appliances with an exposed element create a fire hazard and, therefore, are not allowed in the halls. These items include hot plates, grills, candles, incense, and halogen lamps. Firearms of any kind, explosives, or other dangerous materials are not permitted in residence halls or anywhere on campus. Please do not bring any of these items with you.

Rocky Mountain College is not liable for loss or damage to a student's personal property housed in College facilities. Please contact your insurance agent to secure personal property coverage prior to your residency at Rocky Mountain College.

Once you have arrived on campus, here are some helpful hints that will make your transition a smooth and positive one: 

  • When you arrive on campus for check-in, go directly to the Bair Family Student Center. Registration desks will be set up in the lobby during check-in times.
  • Anderson and Widenhouse Halls are on the east end of campus. Jorgenson and Rimview Halls are found on the west end of campus (access via 17th Street West).
  • Attend all orientation activities. They will familiarize you with the campus and staff, making your transition most successful.
  • Meet as many people as possible during your first few days at school. You will find that many people have the same aspirations and interests that you do.
  • Get to know your RA and Residence Hall Director. They will prove to be great friends and resources throughout the year.i
  • Internet Info: All students are eligible for high speed Internet access free of charge. Your email address will consist of your first name.last name@rocky.edu.
    • Example: john.smith@rocky.edu
    • After arriving to campus, the student must activate the Internet connection. If difficulties arise, contact the academic computing office at 406.657.1161 or in Eaton 2A.