RMC Traditions

We are truly the RMC Family and our closeness is evident in academics, athletics, activities and relations between staff, students and faculty. We work hard to provide comfort, encouragement, creativity, respect and challenges - all important elements enhanced by family. 

Some of our valued traditions are:

New Student Orientation

This tradition features one week of information, activities and new experiences. At RMC, we take care to ensure that you, as a new student, feel welcome as part of the RMC family.

RMC Homecoming

One full week of sporting events, performers, campus-wide competitions and, of course, food, inspires your wild and more creative side to reign over the more serious, student persona. Enjoy Below is a list of RMC Traditions that we value and implement every year.

Candlelight Dinner

In order to stay in touch, the RMC family invites alumni and students to participate in the Candlelight Dinner. Held every year since 1909, this dinner commemorates the first dinner held on Rocky Mountain's campus. 

Yule Log Dinner

It is a tradition at RMC to host a dinner for RMC family and friends in celebration of the Christmas season. The youngest attending student at the college receives the honor of lighting the Yule log, a tradition meant to bring prosperity and protection to the household. A variety show performed by the students completes the festivities.