Study Abroad Opportunities

Studying abroad opens your mind to many new possibilities, adventures, and ideas. It's fairly easy to work study abroad into your academic program at RMC. Most of the credits you earn while away can be transferred and counted toward your degree, and there is also financial aid available. You could go to Australia for the summer, Argentina for the fall semester, spend the spring semester in France, or take off to Spain for a year. The possibilities are limitless. For more information about studying abroad, contact Amber West-Martin at 406.657.1107 or

RMC Exchange Programs

Rocky Mountain College has exchange agreements with schools in Sweden, Finland, Japan, Northern Ireland, the U.K., and Jordan to study a variety of subjects, including language and culture. We also work closely with the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). A big advantage to exchange programs is that you can use your academic scholarships on these experiences. For more information, follow this link.

Study Abroad Programs

RMC will work with students to find the right study abroad program for their interest. Students can participate in programs that are not exchange programs. These are programs in which the student will still need to apply, and they may use their financial aid, but instead of using their RMC merit scholarship, they will apply for a scholarship directly from the program.

To learn more about various study abroad programs, follow these links: