Counseling Services Mission Statement

Rocky Mountain College seeks to meet the needs of students by providing personal and confidential counseling for students, faculty and staff by a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) certified by the state of Montana. Counseling Services supports the students in their academic endeavors, as well as any personal crisis that may interfere with academic performance. Stressors regarding family issues, relationships, financial concerns, depression and anxiety may hinder in the academic or personal growth of a student. Counseling gives individuals a means of identifying concerns and assists in addressing issues within a confidential arena at no cost to the student.  Other appropriate resources can accessed and utilized by referral.

A short-term model of counseling (8-12 sessions) is used in order to best serve the greatest number of students. Students requiring more extensive counseling will be referred to services in the Billings area.

Faculty, staff, parents and friends of students are often among the first to notice when students are encountering overwhelming amounts of stress in their lives. This stress can seriously disrupt academic progress, personal relationships, and daily behavior. Here are some guidelines to follow if you are concerned about a student who may be experiencing problems with stress or other issues.

To make an appointment 

Appointments are often available almost immediately. Appointments can be made either in person or by calling the RMC Counseling Center at 406.657.1049.  You may also e-mail Cynthia Hutchinson, LCPC at Counseling at the center is provided at no fee for RMC students.

Counseling Service is located in Alden Hall, Room 106. Alden Hall is between Jorgenson Hall and the Fortin Center.