Veterans Student Club

Mission Statement

To assist student service members, Veterans and their families transitioning to civilian student life and promote understand of military culture. 


  • To help with prospective student Veterans or service members with the application and orientation process-explaining benefits, answering questions etc
  • Provide mentor to sponsor new student Veteran or service member for the first semester attending Rocky-in collaboration with RMC LEAP program
  • Assist with student veteran orientation, both in Fall and Spring
  • Provide appropriate information on local, state, national and campus resources available to Veterans, student service members and their families
  • Provide a Veteran advocate to Veterans or student service members who need additional support requesting/accessing on campus resources for success
  • Support the staff-faculty RMC Military Friendly Campus task force with student input on achieving and sustaining a military friendly campus designation and atmosphere
  • Provide peer to peer academic advising




  • Meet every two weeks
  • Club is open to all RMC Veterans, student service members and their supporters
  • Increase awareness campus wide of existence of Veteran population on campus
  • Educate campus community about physical and mental limitations of Veterans
  • Increase participation of Veterans, student service members and their supporters in events and activities on campus

Usage of Funds & Fundraising

  • Provide on and off campus activities that are accessible to students of varying abilities
  • To help with start-up costs-promotional material-printing, banners, posters etc
  • Purchase graduation military honor cords or military stoles 
  • Provide activities during student veteran orientations 
  • Provide luncheons for Veterans and service members