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RMC Geology Club’s  goal is to provide a group for those interested in geology, rock-hounding, and general outdoor activities - to join and explore geologic process and have fun with like-minded students.

Geology Club is a club designed for students interested in geology to get out of the structured classroom setting and experience geology hands-on. It is meant for majors, minors, and anyone interested in getting out and looking at cool rocks, landscapes, rock formations, and fossils. Geology Club meets as needed - usually to decide field trip information. The club decides where to travel based on interest from members, making anywhere possible! Currently the club has over ten active members. The club meets in Bair Science Center 111.

For more information about the club, meeting times, etc. please contact Professor Kalakay or Professor Sjostrom.

Past trips include:

  • Mammoth Dig Site - Hot Springs, South Dakota

This trip consisted of a weekend trip to Hot Springs, S.D. to view the world's largest mammoth research facility where you can tour an active paleontological dig site and view ice age fossils exhibited as they are found. Stops along the way included looking at the Wyodak Mine operation in Wyoming (strip mining the Anderson-Dietz coal) and looking at rocks in the Black Hills area outside of Rapid City, S.D.

  • Dinosaur Tracksite - Shell, Wyoming 

This trip consisted of traveling to Wyoming to view a stunning preservation of Jurassic-aged dinosaur tracks. Along the way, the club stopped to view the Sheep Mountain Anticline. After spending time pretending to walk among dinosaurs and collecting invertebrate fossils, the club drove through the Shell Canyon. The Shell Canyon has amazing structures that allow you to drive through hundreds of millions of years in a matter of miles. The club also stopped to admire the beauty of  Shell Falls.

  • Fossils and Rocks - Bridger, Montana
  • Stillwater Mine - Nye, Montana
  • Leaf Fossils - Roundup, Montana