Academic Advising

The mission of the Rocky Mountain College advising program is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans that lead to the successful completion of a degree and self-directed, life-long learning. The academic advising mission supports the overall mission of Rocky Mountain College.

Faculty have the primary responsibility for academic advising, though students may also look to RMC's helpful and experienced staff for advice and guidance. The students' primary academic advisor will have expertise in the student's field of study. Secondary advisors might also be assigned to some students, including those who are pursuing a secondary field of study, international students, and those who qualify for Services for Academic Success (SAS). Authorization from the primary academic advisor is required for student registration and schedule changes.

Student Advisee Responsibilities

As a student, you have the ultimate responsibility for making choices concerning your educational plans. You are responsible for maintaining updated contact information with the appropriate college offices. You are also responsible for scheduling and attending meetings with your primary academic advisor at least twice per semester, with the following preparation:

  • Reflect upon your past academic performance in light of your goals.
  • Ponder your life and career goals, investigating the requirements needed to achieve those goals.
  • Develop realistic and specific goals for the current and following semester that will enable  you to move toward achieving your long-term and career goals.
  • Construct a realistic plan for fulfilling the remainder of your degree requirements at Rocky Mountain College.

Students wishing to change academic advisors need to complete and submit a Request for Change of Academic Advisor form, which is available on the Academic Forms & Policies page.

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