Offices and departments on campus use a standard set of grades and grading symbols to mark a student's progress at the College. Students can print their own final grades or unofficial transcripts from CampusPortal. Printouts are also available in the Office of Student Records.

A student's performance in academic work is expressed by the following grades:

Valid grades

A+, A, A-

4 grade points

B+, B, B-

3 grade points

C+, C, C-

2 grade points

D+, D, D-

1 grade point


0 grade points

To receive credit for a course, an undergraduate must earn a grade of at least "D-". Academic departments may require a higher grade for the course to be counted toward the student's degree.

One of the following symbols may be assigned instead of a grade. Courses in which these symbols are recorded are not included in the grade point average.

Valid grading symbols


Pass ("C" or better)


No pass




Temporary delay of course grade




Audit (no credit)

Courses with a grade preceded by an asterisk (*) are transfer courses. 

Courses may be repeated; however, the original grade is not removed from the permanent record, but is removed from the GPA calculation. The most recent grade becomes the permanent grade.

Grade Reports

Since the College no longer prints grade reports, students can order an official transcript or request an unofficial transcript from the Office of Student Records. Students can also see grades and print an unofficial transcript through CampusPortal.

Report of Grades

Mid-semester grade reports are progress reports and thus provide students with an opportunity to consult with instructors and advisors about problems they may be experiencing. Mid-semester grade reports are available on CampusPortal. They are not recorded on transcripts.

Final grades are available on CampusPortal approximately one week after the end of the term. Students may request to have final grade reports mailed to the address of their choosing. They may also request to send out transcripts after final grades have been posted.

College Honors

Every fall and spring, students with a full course load who make outstanding grades can earn a place on the College's honors list. Honors are noted each semester on a student's transcript.

Errors in Grade Reports

If a student believes there is an error in the report of a grade, he or she must contact the instructor of the course. If appropriate, the instructor will submit a grade change request to the Office of Student Records. The Office of Student Records will then correct the student's record and notify the student of the new grade and of his or her new grade point average.

Academic Progress Committee and Student Appeals

The Academic Progress Committee is the body of original jurisdiction for student requests to be granted exceptions to the standard academic policies of the College. The Academic Progress Committee has jurisdiction over all such matters unless specifically noted otherwise in this document. Common examples of student requests appropriate to the Academic Progress Committee involve exceptions to the general education requirements and other requirements for graduation, exceptions to the College's drop/add policy, and exceptions to the College's policy related to participation in graduation ceremonies.

Requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing to the Office of Student Records. Most requests should be accompanied by a letter of support from the student's academic advisor or an appropriate faculty member. Students should take steps to ensure that their requests reference specific policies to which they are seeking exception and specific desired remedies.

Decisions of the Academic Progress Committee may be appealed to the academic vice president/provost. Any appeal must be submitted, in writing, within 10 days of receipt of the Academic Progress Committee's decision.

In some cases, requests made of the Academic Progress Committee may be referred to an appropriate faculty member and/or academic division chair for informal resolution. In such cases, students should provide documentation of the results of said attempts should they desire to reinstate their request with the Committee.

Scholastic Probation and Dismissal

A student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average to remain academically eligible to register for the next semester or summer session. The grade point average required of undergraduates varies according to the amount of college-level credit they have earned. Students should direct questions about scholastic status to the Office of Student Records and work through the Academic Progress Committee to appeal their probation or dismissal.

Note: Each major has a minimum cumulative GPA required for graduation. Check with your academic advisor.

A student may appeal an academic suspension by indicating, in writing, the reasons why he or she did not make satisfactory academic progress, submitting a letter of support from a faculty member or academic advisor, and submitting a plan for improvement. The appeal must be made within 15 days of notification of suspension and directed to the Office of Student Records. The Office of Student Records will forward appeals to the Academic Progress Committee for review.

Students on probation must follow specific steps to remove probationary status. These include enrolling for no more than 13 credits, meeting weekly with his or her academic advisor, and seeking assistance from other resources.

Suspended students may be re-admitted after one semester's absence. Re-admission requires submission of an application for re-admission to the Office of Student Records and consideration by the Academic Progress Committee. If re-admission is approved, the probationary status shall be continued until good academic standing is restored.

Students may lose eligibility for financial aid while on probation. Check with the financial aid office for more information.

Academic Dismissal

If a student is suspended a second time, the student is dismissed with no further opportunity to enroll at Rocky Mountain College. Probation, suspension, and dismissal are permanently recorded on the student's transcript.