Before Registering

Meet With Your Advisor

Learn more about registration basics, which is recommended for all students and required in many programs.

Plan Your Schedule

Check the course schedule for details about registration, access times, and course offerings. The course schedule comes out every semester, about three weeks before registration starts. You can also access the course schedule through CampusPortal.

Keep an eye on the big picture: learn about degree and departmental requirements in the applicable course catalog. And check your progress toward that degree with our degree progress audit system.

Check For Prerequisites

Remember: Before you register, it's up to you to know of any prerequisites or corequisites needed by the classes you want to take. The course catalog also lists the prerequisites needed for particular classes.

Note on transfer classes: Any classes for which you need a prerequisite, which you completed at a different institution and transferred in will have to be added to your schedule by the Office of Student Records.

Clear Your Holds

Holds are codes placed on your record that prevent registration and are listed on your registration information sheet.

Kinds of holds that may appear include:

  • Financial: In most cases, financial holds may be paid in cash or by check at the student account's office in Eaton Hall;
  • Non-financial: You must resolve a non-financial hold in person at the administrative office that imposed it. Non-financial holds might include a missing immunization record with student life or a missing official transcript with student records. Please visit the individual offices to have each hold cleared;
  • Advising: All majors require students to be advised before registering for classes. Once you are advised, you advisor removes the registration hold, which allows you to register.

Take Any Tests You Need

We recognize, for college credit, successful completion of one or more of the general examinations or subject examinations of the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). Credit may also be earned through the Defense Activity for Traditional Educational Support (DANTES) program. Any CLEP or DANTES examinations for credit must be completed by the end of the second semester of enrollment. Appointments to take tests are organized by the Office of Student Records.

Registering For Classes

You can register for classes through CampusPortal during your scheduled access periods.

Tips for a successful registration:

  1. Get prepped. Learn about advising, selecting courses, and registration holds.
  2. Register early. For best results, always register for next semester's classes during the registration period of the prior semester. Do not wait until the beginning of the semester to register for classes. They fill up quickly, which makes creating a strong schedule difficult.
  3. CampusPortal registration remains open until the Friday before school starts. As long as registration is open, you do not need signatures to get into open classes.
  4. If a class is full, you will need the professor's signature to receive an override into a section.
  5. Independent studies require students to fill out an independent study request form.
  6. Learn what to do after registering, including paying your tuition and changing your schedule.

After Registering

Pay Your Bill

Your registration is not complete unless you pay your tuition and fees by the payment deadline. Pay in full or use the installment plan. You may pay online or in person. For payment details, visit student accounts.

Use Add/Drop to Change Your Schedule

  • Online registration remains open until the Friday before classes begin. Students can add/drop classes on their own throughout this time frame in CampusPortal.
  • During the first week of class, students can continue to add classes, and during the first two weeks, students can drop classes before their schedule is finalized. To do this, you must complete a drop/add slip, acquire the necessary signatures, and submit it to the Office of Student Records.
  • Please check the academic calendar to confirm actual dates and deadlines.

Stay on Track

Keep an eye on your graduation goals. Learn about degree and departmental requirements in the appropriate course catalog. Check progress toward your degree with the degree progress audit tool in CampusPortal and take advantage of academic advising.

Still have questions? Come by the Office of Student Records in Eaton Hall, call us at 406.657.1030, or email us at