Celebrating Traditions

Honoring Culture - Building Community

Rocky Mountain College, Montana’s first and oldest institution of higher learning, has a long standing history with the region’s native and tribal communities. That history, while sometimes good and other times falling short of today’s expectations, informs our belief in the transformational potential of our students and communities. In order to contribute to the achievement of our students and Indigenous neighbors we strive to provide a community that is empowering, encouraging, and engaging. We are invested in the potential of Native Americans: in education, leadership and self-determination.


Indigenous Gathering Week and Annual Powwow

The annual Indigenous Gathering Week and Annual Powwow celebration, held in October, brings together the RMC, Billings, and tribal communities around the country in an event full of dancing, singing, and sharing of stories. The celebration is a time to honor and preserve the rich heritage of Native Americans and a renewal of old traditions.


Recognizing the spiritual and ceremonial practice of smudging, Rocky Mountain College supports and provides a pathway for participation by students, faculty, and staff. RMC recognizes the use of sage, cedar and sweet grass for ceremonial smudging on campus. Please refer to the RMC Smudging Policy for more information.


Michaela Talksabout

Native American Outreach Coordinator

Tauzha Grantham

Native American Outreach Coordinator