Rocky Mountain College Course Catalog

About the Course Catalog

The Rocky Mountain College course catalog is an official document that lists all of the courses taught at Rocky Mountain College, not all of which are necessarily offered in any given term. The course catalog also lists the programs of study, including undergraduate and graduate degrees, available majors, minors, and the core curriculum (general education) requirements, as well as various institutional policies.

The RMC course catalog is available online, and includes information about academic program requirements and course descriptions. You can download a complete pdf version of the course catalog under Catalog Archives.

The academic program information in the catalog is organized by discipline or department. The course descriptions include the course code (by discipline), number and title of the course, what semesters the course is typically offered, how many semester credits the course counts for, and prerequisites that must be completed before enrolling the the course.

Academic Calendar (important semester dates and deadlines)

Academic Programs and Course Descriptions

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Course Offerings (the schedule of courses being offered in a current or upcoming semester)