Academic Support

Too often, academic support programs at colleges and universities are viewed myopically, as simply providing services to students unprepared for the rigors of college level study. At Rocky Mountain College those perceptions are far from reality.

The academic support programs offered at RMC are designed to provide assistance to all of our students regardless of academic standing or financial circumstances. Tutoring programs are located in the Library or through Services for Academic Success (SAS), a federally funded TRIO program that provides student support services for those students meeting the federally mandated criteria. The Writing Center is available to help writers of every level.  Finally, the Leadership, Engagement and Achievement Program (LEAP) provides a variety of academic and student support programs including leadership development opportunities and peer mentoring programs.

Academic support programs at RMC move beyond the simple concepts of remedial support. If you are in need of additional academic assistance, we urge you to contact one of our exemplary support programs.