Disability Services

Rocky Mountain College is committed to providing courses, programs, services and facilities that are accessible to students with disabilities. To identify and provide the necessary support services as soon as possible, students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the disability services office as soon as possible after enrolling.

Services for students with documented disabilities may include test-taking accommodations, personal note-takers, and personal or drop-in tutoring. 

Students with disabilities are responsible for identifying themselves, providing appropriate documentation and requesting reasonable accommodations. Diagnostic services are not available through disability services.

Disability documentation needs to be submitted to, and approved by, the Disability Services Coordinator before any accommodations can be arranged.

The following documentation is needed to determine eligibility for modifications or accommodations:

  • A detailed evaluation from a professional qualified to diagnose a disability. The evaluation should have been completed within the last three years. Evaluations may be from a licensed clinical psychologist, school psychologist, learning-disability specialist, medical doctor, and/or neuropsychologist;
  • For learning disabilities, evaluations should include test results with composite and subtest scores for intelligence, reading, math, written language, processing skills, and speech and language when appropriate;
  • A report that states the disability as a diagnosis; and
  • A current IEP or 504 Plan with stated modifications and accommodations.

All documentation is confidential and should be submitted to:

Lisa L. Laird
Disabilities Services Coordinator
Services for Academic Success
Rocky Mountain College
1511 Poly Drive
Billings, MT 59102

Phone: 406.657.1129
Fax: 406.259.9751
Email: lisa.laird@rocky.edu
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Please see Disability Verification Form and guidelines for documentation.